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Opportunity Knocks!


Offering commercial leasing space, Building 107, located in Downtown SLC, is at the forefront of an economic boom! More people live and work downtown than ever before, and this trend is set to continue well into the future.


Now is the time to consider leasing commercial space in Bldg107!


Commercial leasing space, Building 107, located in Downtown SLC at the forefront of economic boom!

So many options to bring your business to life!

Bldg107 is great for any of the following leasing opportunities

Restaurant Space

After a long day of meetings or conferences, before heading back to the hotel room, a place to sit and have dinner is on everyone’s mind.

Office Space

Imagine joining that scene in a historic building with known prestige while also telling the story of your company to the world.

Luxury Spa

Imagine walking off the street into a gorgeous entry that allows your clients to just take a breath, relax, and pamper themsleves.

Retail Options

Customers today are looking for more than just a product. They are looking for an experience. Secure your location today!

About the space

Create a stunning interior that is Retro-Modern, Simple, and Relaxed.


Interior features:


  • Exposed brick architecture
  • Exposed high ceilings
  • Concrete floors
  • Natural wood

We provide a space where work happens with high visibility to the downtown business district.